Curls in Corporate is the foundation and stepping stone to empowering, embracing, and encouraging women in the workforce! From California to Florida we all live in our own truths, but how do we divide and conquer those each day? Life as we know it comes in waves of highs and lows, and it can sometimes leave our mental state in a downward spiral not knowing how to bounce back.  This podcast is designed to uplift women as they go through day to day, week to week or even month to month struggles and guide them into a season of hope and prosperity.

How did this start?

This idea was sparked through the journey of my natural hair! I know, surprising and a bit odd right? Anyways, I graduated from college and began working for corporate america soon after. On my first day of work, I made sure to throw on my best wig or extensions that had straight, pressed and ” professional” look. After a month of flat ironing and straightening my hair, I thought to myself, ” Robin you should try wearing your natural hair”. I didn’t put too much thought into the idea because I somewhat liked my natural hair, so I decided to give it a try. As I was getting ready to head into work, I started to feel doubtful and insecure about my hair and how the office was going to receive it. I walked in and of course I get the stares and after some time I decided to just put my curls up in a tight bun and call it a day. With this decision, I tried to research some natural hair styles to help with my transition. In this motion I found myself comparing my hair to the “youtubers” and the Instragram sensations and immediately felt hopeless and uninspired. The following day I reverted back to my straight extensions and proceeded to the office. To my surprise, several of my fellow female co -workers stated that they loved my curls and that they preferred it over the extensions. I was so conflicted at that point because my dream was to wear my natural hair and be viewed as beautiful, smart, intelligent and not be viewed as “too ethnic”, “wild”, or even “un-kept”. So with encouragement, positivity and guidance, I was able to face my truth and live in my natural hair fearlessly and unapologetic. Of course, my journey with curls in corporate was just one of the many phases and trails I have had to overcome in my life.

We as women go through so many phases and episodes that we may not always have someone by our side to adjust our crown, or remind us of the that we are the greatest to ever do it. Curls in Corporate is here to fill that void and provide a platform to motivate women endlessly.